Station 0.3

A new stable version of Rails Station is available. The Content Management System Engine reaches its 0.3 version. Although much work is still pending until the 1.0 release, the engine already provides much functionality. Furthermore, Station is the core of a couple of production websites, including the Virtual Conference Center

The major features of this release are:

There also are a bunch of minor features and fixes, which include:

  • Activate an Agent when resetting his password. Now a user can activate the account and reset the password simultaneously.
  • The Stage has a new method role(name) to find the roles easier.
  • ActionMailer is configured with the Site.current.domain automagically
  • vendor/plugins/station/app path is reloadable
  • Performance comes with two callbacks; avoid_downgrading_only_one_with_highest_role and avoid_destroying_only_one_with_highest_role. These will avoid the admin of a Stage leaves it without assigning a new admin first.

There is also included a database migration template for upgrading from version 0.2 to 0.3. It can be found at vendor/plugins/station/db/migrate/station_2_to_3.rb

Find installation instructions in Rails Station Homepage


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