Monthly Archives: June 2010

0.4 and a new rebuilt

Station is to be rebuilt. After several years of building, the engine is a little big monster doing several things, sometimes pretty well, other times good enough or too much complicated.

At this time, several good plugins have appeared in Rails supporting authentication and authorization. Rails 3.0 is just around the corner. These plugins go in the same way of Station and already support Rails 3.0. In addition, we have started a refactorization of the Virtual Conference Center towards social networking.

So I think is time for a pruning. Delegation authentication and authorization on those plugins and focusing in social networking. The next version of Station will be built on Rails 3 and it will be focused on Activity Streams.

In the meantime, Station 0.4 is released. Several months of development with a lot of bug fixes and a bunch of new features, incluing:

  • Merge of Categories and Tags. Station 0.4 supports tags only.
  • Ability to initialize Resources with params in the query part of the URL: something like /posts/new?post[text]=Init+text will do what you expect
  • New SingularAgent: CronAgent.  Suitable for contents generated from cron tasks.
  • New rake tasks:
    • station:attachment_fu:db2file: Switch from database storage to filesystem storage and so on.
    • station:icons:oxygen:copy: Automate using Oxygen icons in your application
  • New method path_container: look up in all params to find a suitable container for a resource
  • Improved Content::Inquirer
  • Authorization delegate: rely authorization in a relation, for example from a post to its forum.
  • HTML inspection: special support for analysis of semantic in HTML documents, in order to extract data from user’s OpenID and personal web page. Switch to nokogiri/prism. This work comes from the OpenID Observatory project.