Station currently needs Rails 2.3.4 In addiction, mislav-will_paginate gem is required for pagination.

The following gems are optional:

ruby-openid: for OpenID support, both Identity Provider and Relay Party

atom-tools: for Atom feeds, AtomPub and sources support.

nokogiri: for HTML discovery of sources and feeds

Station also requires the techno-weenie‘s plugin attachment_fu, for media management (Logos and Attachments).

Optional plugins are:

exception_notification: for receiving emails when your application explodes. Station integrates with this plugin allowing you to setup up debugging addresses in the Site configuration.



First install attachment_fu plugin:

script/plugin install git://

Install station with:

script/plugin install -r stable git://

Install exception_notification plugin if you want to receive debugging emails from your application. Use this version for compatibility:

script/plugin install git://


Install the required gem with:

sudo gem install mislav-will_paginate -s

Install additional gems if you want optional features.


2 responses to “Installation

  1. It worked fine for me. I had to update rack to 1.0.1 seems not to work with 1.1.0 which is the latest. Just do:
    gem update rack -v=1.0.1

    Also exception_notifications doesn’t seem to work because the latest git was updated to rails v 3. Not sure how to get the old version.

  2. Antonio Tapiador

    Hi Computer Whiz,

    unfortunately, the name of the classes in ExceptionNotification were changed, also for the 2-3 branch.

    This will be fixed in a future release. Meanwhile, the old, working version can be fetched at:

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